AirPod Strap Attachments for iPhone 7 (Video Reviewed By iJustine)

Click To Check Out This AirPod Strap at Amazon! Read The Video Transcript Of iJustine’s Voice As Interpreted By YouTube: 0:00what’s up guys how’s it going we are days away from the new iphone 7 being 0:05released and I’m extremely excited i’m still debating whether i’m gonna have to 0:09sleep outside or not because

Click To Check Out This AirPod Strap at Amazon!

Read The Video Transcript Of iJustine’s Voice As Interpreted By YouTube:

0:00what’s up guys how’s it going we are days away from the new iphone 7 being
0:05released and I’m extremely excited i’m still debating whether i’m gonna have to
0:09sleep outside or not because some of you guys know by the time i actually got my
0:12pre-order my phone is not going to be shipping for a couple of weeks and then
0:16that point I wasn’t able to even order a phone to get that day what is a struggle
0:21and hopefully i’ll be able to get one box for you guys
0:23I keep seeing all of the questions of how am I going to charge my phone and
0:26listen to music and also I’m going to lose my air pods what do i do i just
0:31recently saw interview of the team cooked it and he said that the reason
0:34that people end up losing bear ear buds out of their ears is because of the
0:38court and it’s heavy and he said that he personally has not lost a single air pod
0:44out of his ears since he’s been wearing them so Tim I believe you will take your
0:48word on it which it does kind of makes sense so I’m really excited to try those
0:53out and they’re not going to be ready I think it’s october when he was talking
0:56about how the case is just this little small thing and their magnetic so when
1:00you drop the airport’s into them they just sort of suction down and they
1:03charge so that makes sense i’m still a little concerned if I’m running and I’m
1:06gonna drop one out of my ear which I take them in my ear I’m not sure this
1:09little solution here that a bunch of people have been treating me is this
1:13speaking spike incisions but spit up in the home however you pronounce it
1:18it is a little strap that you strap on to the airport and around your neck if
1:22you drop one it’ll still be connected but this kind of defeats the wireless
1:26purpose of them they are just clips her 800 the side here is an image of them
1:32tied onto the side of the airport case clipped to it
1:39what do you guys think I definitely think it’ll keep you from maybe losing
1:44them but then every time you use them you’re going to have to end up clipping
1:48that on there after they it’s just a lot of work I feel like just the vehicle to
1:53listen to music and not lose your headphones
1:56I’m ready for an implant just put a blue tooth implant in my ears
1:59let me hear music let it be upgradeable I’m ready take my body I’m ready to be
2:03given up for science
2:05I mean they’re all got they were originally twenty dollars for this
2:09little tiny cord it
2:11. i could just tie a string around them and put them around my neck for free for
2:16the price of a string that I find on the floor
2:19thankfully they got the price 299 i’ll put a link in the description if you
2:22want to check those out
2:23next up is this belkin lightning cable 22 lightning cables but here’s the thing
2:30is a lot of people are going to be wanting to have a lightning to lightning
2:34with a 3.5 millimeter jack so that they’re able to use their old headphones
2:37I’m not sure this really is the answer basically what this solution is for is
2:42people who have lightning cable headphones so you’ll be able to with the
2:45lightning cable headphones in here and your lightning cable here to charge so
2:49you’ll be able to do both of those with this adapter which says coming soon so
2:54how soon because we need this now belt and we need it now baby
2:59lightning cable earpods their your plate earpods airport if your pop the airport
3:06for the airports are not earpods their ear buds lightning your husband come
3:11with the iphone 7 here they are what they are called ear but your buds
3:16earpods either way this looks to be the solution to most of us will need of
3:21course in the iphone 7 it will come with the lightning cable to 3.5 millimeter
3:24jack so you will have that covered
3:26if you do get the new phone well I just wanted you guys a quick little update
3:28since I was getting a lot of questions about this so hopefully this was helpful
3:32although it’s not that helpful because they’re not out yet so we need solutions
3:36now we need answers now this phone is going to be here before we know it
3:41yeah only guys that my body is ready I my body is ready for science
3:45so if anybody thinks scientists out there are ready to implement some
3:49bluetooth headsets or things into my brain
3:53mostly if it’s apple of apples you guys wanted if you want to use me for science
3:56i’m i’m available i’m free to send me an email send me a tweet I’ll fly out to
4:06you guys i’ll be there I’ll be there in a second
4:10alright see you guys later happy Tuesday is out

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Princetongrad says:

This product is only a start to what will be … This product is only a start to what will be the most successful line of products ever. The next generation will allow the power to travel down the strap reducing the need to charge the AirPods. The one after that should allow the transmission of via a low-current signal traveling down the strap (this will reduce interference with external signals). After that, I hope that this will lead to the standardization of this technology across all devices through a standard attachment to the phone by making the interface a very small jack – 1/8″ maybe. This will make it compatible with other devices as well as greatly reduce the cost maybe by a factor of 15 or more. Moreover, make it patent / royalty free to reduce the cost even more.

K.L. says:

Terrible! Terrible if you were hoping to pick up free AirPods off the street. Now people can just buy this instead of replacement AirPods I planned to find.

Jiffer says:

Innovated design! I could not imagine a device so simple yet so innovated. It’s as if we are making steps forward. I hope they come out with a second version of this device that can attach to the phone just for safety measure.

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