Ceramic Apple Watch Edition Series 2 White (Video Reviewed By iJustine)

Read The Video Transcript Of iJustine’s Voice As Interpreted By YouTube: 0:00hey guys how’s it going happy a launch day today we are going to be unboxing 0:06the new Apple watch series to this is the ceramic version this is one of the 0:10newest ones they announced and I’m extremely excited to open it and

Read The Video Transcript Of iJustine’s Voice As Interpreted By YouTube:

0:00hey guys how’s it going happy a launch day today we are going to be unboxing
0:06the new Apple watch series to this is the ceramic version this is one of the
0:10newest ones they announced and I’m extremely excited to open it and yes
0:14this is an actual unboxing so please just don’t worry this is stopping this
0:21is significantly heavier than I thought it was gonna be excited to see the
0:27packaging i have no idea i haven’t watched any other boxes i know nothing
0:30about what’s in here we are capable heavy doses
0:45ok this is what we came for
0:59are you ready my heart skipped a beat box this is a very very nice box i will
1:11definitely be using this to put something and I’m not sure what this is
1:17it was quick sieving inside the box was just this little guy sitting on top of
1:24some items cool a tiny little basic brick
1:34oh wow
1:37going to the apple watch doc chargers these things are awesome if you have an
1:43Apple watch i recommend getting one of these if you don’t have one already
1:46because this just uses a lightning cable so you don’t have to actually bring this
1:51cable along
1:52you just have to bring this i’m not sure if that’s easier more difficult but I
1:55love having this doc it’s such a great addition I’m super glad that they did
2:00include this with this version i’m not sure which other ones they included with
2:04it comes with the charging dock and two different cables the apple watch little
2:09disk charger that’s what they’re calling and that’s like the size of a quarter
2:13paperwork get this oh of course
2:19don’t make the mistake that a lot of people have done they don’t realize that
2:22the other band is inside of this folder and this time with a small version
2:29usually they put the larger side on here so i definitely need to swap that out
2:34because i do use the smaller one wonder if this will come out it won’t i really
2:38wanted to use this box to put things then let’s open out the main attraction
2:50oh it’s you
2:56wow the white looks so fresh so freaking fresh
3:14one of the highlights of the cleanup for me talking about the Apple watch to was
3:17talking about how they made the speaker also be water-resistant so the speaker
3:22actually vibrates and forces the water out so that there won’t be any water
3:26inside of it like this little button is on right let’s try it on
3:31i’m also left-handed so I wear watches on the right so after I set it up I’m
3:36gonna have to swap it this way so that be it is actually upside down because it
3:40the little crown will be here and then I end up having to you also took this
3:49Wow looks nice
4:00so here it is in comparison to the apple watch stainless steel version this is
4:12the first version this is the Apple watch series to its really very is a
4:20beautiful device menu so scratched
4:23wow I’ve destroyed this this one also went through a few wash cycles smells
4:29getting up i want to take a second to say I’m sorry to anyone who was upset
4:32with my accent unboxing to be fair everything that i said in that video I
4:37hundred percent will be saying almost exact same thing if the phone was in my
4:42hand if I wouldn’t update and I will have it by monday so i’m super excited
4:46that i’ll actually be able to do an unboxing let me know what kind of any of
4:49you guys have gotten your watches or your iphone 7 or your iphone 7 plus or
4:54if you’re like I don’t have either and I don’t want a whole new space gallery you
4:59guys haven’t seen those yet
5:01whoa scandalous clique para new watch me please work
5:07yes i have watches parent it’s so sad to see my rose gold one on there that
5:12shattered sort of each other that i’m most excited about for this Apple watch
5:16especially if you guys are into fitness or any type of fitness tracking is this
5:19has a GPS integrated into it whereas the previous versions did not you had to
5:24have your phone to be able to use the gps this is now able to track your runs
5:29it also is water resistant up to 50 meters so if you’re into swimming it
5:33will be able to track those types of things as well although i have tested
5:36the previous version and it was quite water-resistant in a nice laundry cycle
5:42so for that doesn’t
5:43happy with this one let me know what you guys think of the latest apple releases
5:46and this again is the ceramic apple watch edition series too baby i look
5:52forward to trying it out and I’m sure I’ll have some follow-up videos and
5:55follow the blogs here in the next few days after i get a chance to try it out
5:59and really test it to the limits and my tested to the limits and probably won’t
6:05be doing much of anything but it can fitness track we playing call of duty
6:09thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next video I apologize
6:12again to anybody he was upset with the iphone 7 video i will be getting it on
6:17monday so I’m really really looking forward to that so i’ll be doing a full
6:21inbox and if you guys have been worried about your shipping dates go check those
6:25apple orders because they did update a bunch of them today shipping early so
6:30i’m excited us should be excited and I’m going to put my uh my watch on net for
6:36this is up something that’s him that if the iphone 7 plus it was cool about this
6:42is it’s a black box and this is super-rare so the jet black version is
6:46the only one that comes in this black box it’s pretty cool and take a look at
6:51it before we open it up
6:54yeah 3 incredible

Product Features

  • Apple watch Edition Series 2
  • Ceramic Material, 42mm, Sports band
  • Built in GPS, Dual core processor, Watch OS3, Water resistant 50m
  • Requires an iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, or 7 Plus and iOS 10 or later.
  • Band with 42mm case fits 140-210mm wrists
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