Gears of War 4 Xbox One S Unboxing and Video Review By iJustine

Read The Video Transcript Of iJustine’s Voice As Interpreted By YouTube: 0:00hey guys what’s up with Justin today 0:01we’re going to be opening up the brand 0:03new years of war for xbox one slim i am 0:07pretty excited to check this out and 0:08seen a bunch of photos and it looks so 0:10so sick and

Read The Video Transcript Of iJustine’s Voice As Interpreted By YouTube:

0:00hey guys what’s up with Justin today
0:01we’re going to be opening up the brand
0:03new years of war for xbox one slim i am
0:07pretty excited to check this out and
0:08seen a bunch of photos and it looks so
0:10so sick and fun fact my grandmother for
0:14the longest time had the gears of war
0:15xbox 360 so she finally just upgraded to
0:18the xbox one and I’m so upset because
0:20Graham this could have been yours i’m
0:22actually going to be hosting the gears
0:24of war for she’s the board floor dream
0:27that I can’t say it fast years of orgasm
0:29before before I started boxing I’ve got
0:31some good news
0:32definitely good news for you guys i just
0:34recently updated to the xbox one slim
0:36white version so it seems that got out I
0:38was like yes this is exciting
0:40the bad news is if I kept this it would
0:42just sit in my house and I don’t want to
0:44go to waste so i decided that i will
0:45give it away to one of you guys so I’m
0:47gonna do a very gentle unboxing so that
0:49I won’t mess anything up so that when i
0:50sent it to you guys all the pieces will
0:52be here so basically if you want to get
0:56this xbox one’s years of war for edition
0:58but only two things you have to do leave
0:59a comment below on this YouTube video
1:01and tell me why you want this or what
1:03you’re going to do with it clearly gonna
1:04play games on it so that’s really stupid
1:06then that should make you guys do take a
1:08screenshot of your comment on YouTube
1:10and tweet it to me at iJustine that’s
1:12where i’m actually going to be picking
1:13the winner and contacting you because
1:15sometimes it’s really hard to pick
1:17people on YouTube what you think it’s
1:18fake or thought big butt on twitter I’ll
1:20be able to actually contact you if you
1:22don’t have a twitter is probably get one
1:24because it’s been around for a long time
1:28also make sure you’re following me on
1:31twitter is if you send me a tweet and
1:32you’re not actually following me i’m
1:34going to be very offended
1:35oh yeah you want you want this xbox but
1:39you’re not following me
1:40I’ve got quality tweet
1:43Oh baby
1:50Microsoft did then meet us to check out
1:51so thank you guys I appreciate it
1:53so let’s just get out of here come out
1:57to a very gentle inbox you want to
2:03ensure that all of your pieces are here
2:04just a nice little cut right here and a
2:09nice little cut right here this is gonna
2:11be the gentlest unboxing you’ll ever see
2:13just everything i’m doing like oh look
2:16at this it open i am I would have thrown
2:18away we go got this nice little paper
2:22here shows me how to set up my xbox
2:25it’s pretty self-explanatory I don’t
2:27think you’ll have a problem
2:28so this looks to be your game code
2:33actually get hope that this always seems
2:36like the book of the dark red version so
2:39this is clips onto the side of your xbox
2:411 or it potentially could be the bottoms
2:43would help you stand it up depending
2:44upon which way you want to stand it
2:47Stan will help you unbox the reeboks
2:49boxes no empty when we have in here the
2:57controller very very gentle with it i’m
3:04using a nice bread knife at the only red
3:05knife that I could find it is a knockoff
3:07team valor knife
3:09this looks real nice it’s got a really
3:12nice matte finish and right on the d-pad
3:13there’s a little fun print guys going to
3:18see that little thumb print
3:22also these buttons look awesome
3:26they have little like slashes on them so
3:29they’re not the usual typed font a nice
3:32slashed bond i really liked the
3:34attention to detail they went into on
3:36this controller i mean it wasn’t
3:37necessary to do these actual slashes the
3:40right here these are indented into the
3:42controller nice little punch
3:47speaking of touch going to put this back
3:49in don’t want any of your items to get
3:51lost because you’ll be like Justine you
3:56lost my item hdmi cable
3:58listen here bored you guys haven’t been
4:03up to date on the new xbox one slim you
4:05do not have the power brick any longer
4:08it is internal which definitely saves a
4:10lot of space to open up and the xbox one
4:15and all its glory it’s so much thinner
4:17than the other ones being so very very
4:23Wow xbox one model 1681 hello from
4:31seattle you can you see it
4:33okay i don’t know if it’s focusing or
4:36not but that’s what it says oh they even
4:38went so far as these slashes on the
4:42actual console so these are invented
4:44into the plastic else good looks really
4:50dude i’m actually quite envious that I
4:53decided to already give this away but I
4:55definitely do not need another xbox so I
4:57just want somebody else who could
4:59actually put this to good use to put it
5:01to good use
5:02it is beautiful so my favorite things
5:06though in the new xbox one of us is that
5:08they have a USB port in the front
5:10because I’d always be like reaching
5:11around the side and trying to it’s just
5:13it’s much better much better placement
5:15here so great this will look good either
5:18way that you decide to set it because
5:19the back also has this nice detail as
5:23does the front now let’s see if I can
5:25wrap this backup
5:26way that they had it was reading the
5:39paper that this is one of the new xbox
5:41one wireless controllers
5:43so what’s great about this is it has
5:44Bluetooth built into it so you’ll be
5:45able to use this not only on your xbox
5:48but you’ll also be able to use it on
5:49your Windows 10 PC something that I’m
5:52pretty excited about with years is a lot
5:54of the new and upcoming xbox one games
5:56will be available not only for xbox but
5:58they will also be available on Windows
6:0010 and for me this is pretty great is
6:02always travel with my xbox but at this
6:03point it became too much of a struggle
6:05to be able to lug an xbox a dog plus all
6:09the clothes and electronics and gadgets
6:10they started turning into this pack red
6:13person who basically was carrying
6:14everything with them everywhere they
6:16so now instead of bringing all of this
6:18stuff if I’m like desperate to play a
6:19game i’ll be able to play on my Windows
6:2110 laptops she’s pretty excited so that
6:23is the new gears of war 4x plus 1 i’ll
6:26look forward to seeing you guys in the
6:27live stream on Wednesday and look
6:29forward to seeing your guys’s reactions
6:31to playing the game i just started the
6:32campaign i got an early look at the game
6:34but the problem is i was trying to play
6:35somebody online modes and no one else is
6:39on so i can’t wait until the game is
6:41actually out and I get to play with you
6:42guys don’t forget if you guys wanna get
6:44a chance to get this xbox one all you
6:46have to do is leave a comment below on
6:48why you should get it then take a
6:50screenshot of your comment that you post
6:52it on YouTube and sweet to me on Twitter
6:54and of course it’s just a kind gesture
6:56that you be subscribed to my channel and
6:58be following me on twitter because I
7:01think that’s just a nice thing to do i
7:03think it later okay guys have a great
7:05week i’ll see you soon
7:09I can’t believe I just did an unboxing
7:12Andrew boxing like it really is a very
7:21pretty device put this immediately back
7:27into its case immediately over want to
7:31know if I have any halloween videos
7:32planned i actually have a week of

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