GoPro Hero 5 and Hero 5 Session Unboxing and Video Review by iJustine

GoPro Hero 5 and Hero 5 Session Unboxing and Video Review by iJustine Read The Video Transcript Of iJustine’s Voice As Interpreted By YouTube: 0:00hey guys how’s it going to stain today 0:01we’re going to be unboxing the GoPro 0:02Hero 5 and the hero five session so I’m 0:05not even going to say anymore i’m

GoPro Hero 5 and Hero 5 Session Unboxing and Video Review by iJustine
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Read The Video Transcript Of iJustine’s Voice As Interpreted By YouTube:

0:00hey guys how’s it going to stain today
0:01we’re going to be unboxing the GoPro
0:02Hero 5 and the hero five session so I’m
0:05not even going to say anymore i’m just
0:06going to get right into this is this has
0:08been sitting on letter set all day just
0:12waiting for me to come home
0:15look at this session five extra battery
0:23i think this is a mistake buying this
0:27but it’s a little micro SD card reader
0:29right we make quite a mess here let’s
0:32start with the hero five because that is
0:33what I’m here for what I’m most excited
0:35about one of the best parts about the
0:38new gopro hero five especially is that
0:42it is now waterproof you don’t need an
0:43external housing on it it is already
0:46waterproof that has voice control
0:48stabilization touch display 12 megapixel
0:51camera and shoot in 4k and its water
0:53group up to 33 feet 10 meters open up
0:59got this nice little tab here then
1:02completely neglecting its really great
1:14one of my favorite accessories for the
1:16previous GoPros was the blackout housing
1:19so basically would make your previous
1:21silver versions into a beautiful matte
1:23black just like this five year he feels
1:30about the same so this is my hero for I
1:33have hero4 black but i really wanted to
1:35have the LCD panel on the back which is
1:37great because this one does have the LCD
1:38panel on the back is a very nice little
1:42housing that it has here already get a
1:45little skip little scoop through the
1:49front we need to we need to continue on
1:54need to find myself battery
2:03oh god no don’t tell me you charged with
2:09us bc oh come on now I’m not upset this
2:20us bc i mostly just upset because I
2:23don’t want to carry another thing i was
2:24so excited with the fact that this might
2:27be a microSD because usually oh I carry
2:31on something speaking clothes
2:32this one used to be the mini USB and the
2:36session was a micro so if i only had one
2:39of the other charge one of them so now
2:42it’s us bc which is even more difficult
2:44to get my hands on if i’m out and about
2:48hey does anybody here have a USBC cable
2:51shoot this one better be us bc as well
2:55to open up the battery you just push
2:57this little button slide it and there
3:02you have a nice little battery
3:04I did order one extra battery I tried to
3:06order two and at checkout it said I’m
3:10sorry you cannot order more than one
3:12battery for shipment so we are spreading
3:17their pulls it up there’s another little
3:22side panel here which has read your
3:25charge port and your hdmi out a secret
3:29goes right there
3:30press this to turn it on yeah buddy
3:35look at that nice LCD screen
3:39I don’t want to tour ok let’s do the
3:42tour short press power on long-press
3:45powers off switch between video loads
3:49and photo modes in a little mode button
3:51there only side short press for video a
3:54long press for time lapse photos for the
3:56first little menu setups we’ve got a
3:59resolution frames per second in our
4:01field of view while it looks god it’s
4:05already recording
4:06holy moly we’re recording right now in
4:071080p 60 frames a second
4:10so let’s look up that’s you guys that’s
4:13what you’re seeing here and this is open
4:16to hit you I’m sorry
4:19so here’s a little display on the front
4:23I like they moved red light with a
4:25little bit more subtle so you can at
4:27least see that it’s recording but it’s
4:29not so obnoxious and just overtaken
4:31mobile camera also got a little red
4:33light recording here in the back to let
4:34you know that things are happening
4:36it feels nice it’s a good substantial
4:38field let’s take a peek of it in
4:40comparison with the previous version of
4:42the GoPro so it definitely looks
4:50I mean all in all it’s the same size but
4:53this lens here has definitely made a
4:55little bit thicker
5:04they feel about the same weight also i’m
5:07not a very good judge of gadget weights
5:10Phil’s am pretty much this is one of my
5:13favorite GoPro attachment this is
5:14actually supposed to be used for the
5:16head mount i have used this thing and
5:19clicked it to every possible place i
5:21mostly use it when i’m doing GoPro
5:23driving vlog flip it to the air
5:25conditioner is definitely could be used
5:27multiple ways not just for the headpiece
5:29right now time for the hero five session
5:37was interesting about both of these
5:40GoPros is they are now voice-activated
5:43so you can tell it to take a picture or
5:45video now the first time that I sort of
5:48got into the voice recording things back
5:52in the day with the google blast and I
5:55was hanging off the side of a glacier
5:56yelling at my eyes to take a picture so
6:01I’m hoping that this works a lot better
6:03than that i sometimes I’m a little
6:04skeptical about voice-activated devices
6:08i would have all these beautiful photos
6:10i would have known that i have to lift
6:11this and then squeeeeeeze interesting
6:17that other one like that too
6:20yeah this is mrs. new you lift this up
6:23and then squeeeeeeze that’s how much
6:26easier so here is the session
6:36looks very much like the previous
6:38session so this 05 session will do 4k at
6:4130 frames a second 1440 at 60 and 1080
6:44at 90 frames and in comparison to the
6:47hero five it will do 4k at 30 frames
6:491440 at 80 frames and 1080p and 120hz
6:53just comes out of its full skeleton as
6:57well i’m gonna go grab my previous
7:00session please hold
7:01I’m gonna get all these things confused
7:03for short 0 session five previous
7:07session it honestly looks so much like
7:10that I if I get these two mixed up i’m
7:13going to have a very hard time telling
7:14them apart here is our identifier ‘he’s
7:16be hero 5 has a colored GoPro logo
7:20written on the back and also on the
7:22front it’s a very slight difference the
7:24hero five session has lighter gray wolf
7:28screws if that’s something that you can
7:30even tell on this video and you kind of
7:32can this one catch it right in the light
7:36whenever I get around this isn’t us bc
7:39i’m I’m blowing this thing across the
7:43thank you thank you full pro God’s it is
7:48USBC the inconsistency across the
7:52session and the previous heroes was
7:55driving me nuts so this is great news
7:57even though I’m still a little bit upset
7:58about the USBC it’s okay i’ll let it go
8:00i dunno what’s the future for the future
8:04now I’d like to do a little camera and
8:06audio test of the old session first the
8:08new session new hero five previous hero
8:11for just that you were here
8:16ok so this is a test of the hero session
8:21first gen what do you guys think how’s
8:24it look
8:25how’s that sound what’s it sound like
8:28hello hero session 5 how’s it going with
8:31you guys you really really well just
8:32wondering how this video compares to the
8:35previous clip from the original hero
8:38session now here is a test of the new
8:41hero five from gopro go pro hero five
8:45would you guys think how they look how
8:47does it sound
8:49I’m mostly concerned about the sound
8:51because that is that’s always the debate
8:55what’s it sound like and here we are
8:57with the previous version is the hero
8:58for this is the hero4 silver what’s up
9:01how’s it going i do / hero4 black
9:04somewhere but i’m not sure where that is
9:08here’s our rechargeable battery i
9:09thought that i got a rechargeable
9:11battery little pack that you could
9:13charge more than one of the same time
9:16unfortunately the batteries are not the
9:17same as the previous versions here’s the
9:21GoPro battery for here five already
9:31like the difference so I think the best
9:33news of all of this is even if you do
9:35get a new go throw all of your old
9:38mounts and things will work housing will
9:40not work because it’s clearly a
9:41completely different decides to go pro
9:43but all of your attachments and
9:45accessories will definitely work so that
9:47is very good news so I can take off my
9:50very very favorite ahead and mount it to
9:55this little guy and then we are ready
9:58for vlogging or adventures
10:00thank you so much for watching let me
10:01know what you guys think of the new go
10:0245 in the euro 5 section are you go pro
10:06what is your most favorite thing about
10:07GoPro for me if portability I love being
10:10able to just throw these in my purse
10:12when i’m not able to take a full-rigged
10:14or a camera out to wherever I’m going i
10:17know i can always throw it over my first
10:18time set especially with this session
10:20they’re so small and so little actually
10:23conspicuous it’s like are you blogging
10:24are you talking with to a small you both
10:30again later bye
10:35that’s working out pretty good gonna be
10:45at me
10:49they start fillets on top of their nice
10:52little bed

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Devin Stephens says:

Awesome Upgrade First impressions: This review will be updated as I get more of a chance to play with this camera. I received it Oct 4th so still plenty of playing around to do!! So far I have added 1 additional con, updated some of the pros, and added a few pros.. I will continue to update!! 

Amazon Customer says:

Great Camera when it works, but buggy so far. So I am more then happy to update this accordingly when I exchange my 5 for a new one. I had my Hero 5 charged and up and running within an hour and ready for a 4 year old b-day party at a trampoline fun house. It worked pretty well and I did get in my share of trouble for taking it out on the trampolines to get some good footage of the kids. 

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