iPhone 7 Case for Apple iPhone 7 (2016) Review

Product Features Compatible with Apple iPhone 7 (2016) PREMIUM PROTECTION Featuring two layers of protection: a shock-absorbing frame that protects against drops, and a solid body that protects against scrapes, bumps and more. ULTRA-CLEAR Slim, transparent protective case bumper body reveals and enhances the original color and design of the iPhone 7 2016. ANTI-SCRATCH +

Product Features

Compatible with Apple iPhone 7 (2016)

Featuring two layers of protection: a shock-absorbing frame that protects against drops, and a solid body that protects against scrapes, bumps and more.

Slim, transparent protective case bumper body reveals and enhances the original color and design of the iPhone 7 2016.

ANTI-SCRATCH + Shock Absorbing
With specialized reinforced-TPU bumper + Hard Clear back panel case provides long-lasting protection from scratches and scrapes, easy grip and slim profile.

The Trianium Clarium Series iPhone 7 protective Cover made to perfectly fit your iPhone 7 with precision cutouts for all buttons and ports. While also featuring raised bezel to life screen and camera off flat surface.

Trianium ensures maximum protection for the life of your iPhone 7 Case.

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Watch iJustine’s Video Review of the iPhone 7, (Will Be Released September 16, 2016)

Read The Video Transcript Of iJustine’s Voice As Interpreted By YouTube:

0:00hey guys how’s it going so the apple event just concluded and some of those
0:03highlights of the event are the air pods it’s apples wireless headphones
0:08we’ve also got the iphone 7 the iphone 7 plus and the Apple watch series too so
0:15let’s just get right into the entire event to start this whole event off I
0:22was freaking out I was super excited i decided to do a live stream of this
0:26event if you watch the full live stream you can it’s two hours of me probably
0:30just getting real reality so the whole live stream starts off with tim cook and
0:34James Corden in a car doing the whole carpool karaoke thing James is driving
0:38around San Francisco to take him to the apple event and then at some point for
0:43all hopped in the car and it was just it was strange and amazing and just just so
0:47absolutely perfect and it was probably one of my favorite intros to an apple
0:52event I think ever that whole stunt was because Cook says the new episodes of
0:56carpool karaoke will debut on Apple music early next year so that’s kind of
1:01let’s talk about why we’re all actually here we are here for the new iphone 7 so
1:06here it is
1:09pre-orders start on sep tember nine and they’re available in September 16 so
1:13it’s currently September seventh so this week is gonna get crazy let’s take a
1:17look more at the iphone 7
1:20oh god you look just real slick so it was kind of interesting because they
1:25announced two new colors which made it seem like Apple invented the color black
1:30not sure how it was phrase but it was kind of comical but they have which was
1:35originally rumored to be called piano-black what’s called jet-black then
1:39they have sort of a mad black which the just calling black one of the biggest
1:43things that was actually leaked on Twitter on Apple’s own Twitter account
1:46because they bought sponsored posts i think that’s how it was happening they
1:50had their posts pre approved and ready to post but if you actually went to
1:53apples twitter account they weren’t they weren’t there so it was kind of strange
1:58my god I was tweeting up a storm I was losing my freakin mind
2:02one of the most exciting things before we get back into more of the iphone 7
2:05News is miyamoto was onstage at the apple event today and they announced a
2:10new game for iOS called Super Mario run and
2:13looks like update the Android will be coming later so it’s kinda
2:16side-scrolling game where Mario just runs and you basically just push the
2:21screen and people jump pretty simple pretty awesome so I look forward to that
2:25coming out pretty soon for iOS they also didn’t mention how much it’s gonna cost
2:29so it looks like it’s going to be a paid game and an update here and intense as
2:33we do intend to release the game on android devices at some point in the
2:36future so that should be pretty exciting
2:38so here we go there’s a little demo and now back to our iphone 7 updates new
2:44iphone 7 is water-resistant makes a splash takes a splash new black and jet
2:48black finishes the new home button entirely new camera enters the picture
2:5312 megapixels optical image stabilization seven megapixel facetime
2:57HD camera squad led true tone flash for smart leds flash 50-percent brighter
3:03than the 6s the flash just according to a color temperature of the environment
3:06resulting in sharper more brightly lit photos so this is what we’ve really been
3:11looking for this is the iphone 7 plus camera to camera that shoots as 177
3:16doesn’t have just one new camera system it has two it’s the same 12-megapixel
3:20wide-angle camera sony iphone 7 but it also has a telephoto cameras even get
3:25even closer and as a supercool depth of field effect that they’re calling it
3:28which if you guys have seen any of my previous videos where I talk about the
3:32intel realsense I feel like it’s that sort of Technology where it can sense
3:35the depth of field so if i’m closer you’re able to pull the focus to make me
3:39more focused and your background not in focus
3:42they said that that’s a software feature that will be coming soon so we’re not
3:45sure when so portrait shots will look better than ever to say hello to the
3:48world’s best photo op zoom into the future thanks to the dual camera you can
3:53get super sharp close-up shots and videos they didn’t talk much about video
3:58actually a top mostly about photos now that I’m thinking about it there was
4:05really no mention of video at all like I need to tweet about it
4:11the brightest most colorful iPhone display yet 25-percent brighter the most
4:17powerful chip ever in a smartphone it’s 2x faster than the iphone 6 as long as
4:22battery life ever in an iphone so that’s good
4:26iphone now in stereo it has two speakers on the top and the bottom earpods with
4:30lightning connector if you guys haven’t heard there is no headphone jack on the
4:37new iphone and they made a huge deal about this basically saying that it
4:41takes courage to do such a thing and to remove such an old technology which I
4:45agree and the lightning connector is a much higher quality cable anyway so i
4:51think it will work out but i need to get a set of lightning cable headphones with
4:56the earpods or lightning connectors and also the air pods which are the wireless
5:00ones will also work with not only your iphone but I work with your macbook in
5:04your timeline of the mac pro’s hopefully it’ll work with that as well so here’s
5:08the earpods the Lightning connector it will have a lightning cable adapter so
5:12you’ll be able to use 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and just plug it into the
5:16lightning adapter so you’re set
5:18you don’t have to worry next up we’ve got the air pods are available in late
5:22October so let’s learn more about the air pods these are going to be really
5:27really interesting and this is the first time that I’m getting a really good look
5:30at it they said that eat their pods themselves so those little guys will
5:35last five hours but the little wireless charging pack that you keep them in
5:40that’s not just a case that will charge them for up to 24 hours is what i
5:45believe i read maybe let’s read some more to get the official official news
5:50wireless headphones finally untangled you can tap into series so this is kind
5:56of cool steel double tap and be able to access Syria and talk to her and get any
6:01information like hey call my brother Ryan turn up the volume how do i get the
6:06rated series sometimes doesn’t really understand anything that I’m saying so
6:09that should be interesting
6:11so these headphones have an apple w1 chip so it produces extremely efficient
6:15wireless for better connection and improved sound five hours is not a lot
6:20of time if you think about it that’s one flight to New York if i’m going to
6:24or somewhere far away these are the last so it knows when you’re talking voice
6:29accelerometer recognizes when you’re speaking and works with a pair of beam
6:33forming microphones to filter out extra noise it was when you’re listening
6:37optical sensors and motion accelerometers power of 24 hour battery
6:41life so these little guys will charge it the coolest little demo that I saw don’t
6:48actually showed the demo but they did tell you how to use it you just open it
6:52up place it near your iphone they didn’t announce wireless charging neither did
6:56I’m just having flashbacks the livestream and realizing that there’s a
7:01lot of stuff that they didn’t mention need a quick charge just 15 minutes of
7:04the case gives you three hours of listening time
7:05that’s pretty cool clearly superior sound here’s the problem with these air
7:10pods the earpods don’t stay in my ear so i’m having a little bit of a concern
7:17that these aren’t going to say my ears either automatic setup seamless
7:21switching I was a little skeptical at first i’m still a little skeptical but I
7:26don’t know
7:27so here’s our current models apparently have reaction 7 + iphone 7 iphone 6s
7:31plus iphone 6s and iPhone s.e so each model will be available in 30 to 120 in
7:37256 although the jet black again won’t be available in 32
7:42it’s pretty much similar size to the previous models let’s get into the
7:47prices which is what i’m sure a lot of you guys want to know the iphone 7 32 41
7:53a month starting or pay 649 in the iphone 7 plus let’s see how much the
7:59most expensive one is going to cost us
8:01Oh God attics expect and only 849 only it’s a hundred dollars less for the
8:09iphone 7 so that’s a quick overview of the new iphone 7 now let’s chat about
8:14the Apple watch they announced that it’s now called the apple watch series 2 and
8:18the previous version is going to called series 1
8:21there’s also the apple watch nike edition which will be released later
8:25this year they talked a lot about watch os3 but the biggest announcement was the
8:32ceramic version so this is really freaking pretty
8:36now stunning in ceramic it looks really nice
8:43pre-order September 9 available September 16 as well here’s the nike
8:50version exclusive nike watch faces
8:55nike run club an app i used to use nike running a lot when i ran which was a
9:00long time ago I had one of the gps watches and it was the hardest thing to
9:03ever get connected but they didn’t show us that it was going to be super easy
9:06and fast and just work like that which I’m I’m hoping that’s the case because
9:12some of these gps watches that I’ve tried in the past didn’t work very well
9:16so one of the biggest things about series 2 is it has the built-in GPS
9:20which the first version did not it was kind of frustrating i think for a lot of
9:24people because if you wanted to get directions or do things you had to have
9:28your phone connected because it use the phone GPS but now this will have its own
9:32GPS which is incredible it’s also water resistant up to 50 meters and they
9:35showed a really cool demo of how they did the testing to make sure that it is
9:41insured up to 50 meters this one I’ve talked about it before this one went
9:45through a full cycle in Washington to work so it’s been wash machine approved
9:51one of the biggest news and in the thing that it didn’t feature on apple’s
9:54website is pokemon goals coming through the apple watch pokemon gold will soon
9:58be available on the Apple watch announced today at the apple event the
10:02watch apple display how far the player needs to walk hatching egg required
10:06experience points reach the next level and additional info about the players
10:09fitness so you can start sort of a workout and it will be able to calculate
10:13how far you’ve walked this incredible I’m so excited about it i still play
10:17pokemon go and I don’t care what any of you say hope you stop this kind of all
10:23makes sense now why the pokemon gold plus wearable was delayed probably
10:28because Apple was like you know if you delay that will hook you up and you guys
10:33can have an app on the Apple watch and will feature you during the keynote so
10:37that all makes sense that was just a quick little overview of most of the
10:40announcements that happened today at the apple event featuring the iphone 7
10:44iphone 7 plus the apple watch series to nintendo bringing
10:47got a new game for iOS coming very very soon i look forward to hearing all of
10:51your feedback in the comments we can have a discussion about what we saw what
10:55we expected what we didn’t actually get that we were hoping that we would get
11:00like wireless charging also some more information about video which kind of
11:03leads me to believe that the video camera doesn’t have much of an upgrade
11:06because if it did they surely would have talked about it so there’s probably
11:10nothing new in the video Department with most of the iphones maybe there is maybe
11:15i missed it but either way that’s that and i will see you guys in my next video
11:19if you guys are new here be sure to subscribe so you guys can see new videos
11:22if you like this video hit like I also did an entire live stream of the whole
11:26live stream so you want to watch that i’ll put a link in the description its
11:29long potentially could be boring but i’m not really sure but i’ll see you guys
11:33later hope you have a great day i’m going to my apple event live stream
11:38we’re here we’re live-streaming we’re live and over here i have a bunch of
11:44tweets so these are all set up to curate all the tweets you guys send me during
11:48the event and be sure to use

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snocyclist says:

Reasonable case with one significant flaw I’ve reviewed a pretty good number of cases, and I’m not sure I’d recommend this one too highly. 

Gabriel Cortes says:

Great cases I received these cases and I must say I am impressed. I received two cases. One had a black outline in the camera area and the other completely clear. Both cases are slim as you should expect. There are no hard lines that would bother you when holding the phone with your fingers. All the buttons line up where they should be and there is plenty of space for the charging cable to connect. The coolest feature is on the all clear case. When you turn your light on and lay your phone down you still get a cool glow on the case. Photo comparison is of both cases received. Both lights are on but one is more profound than the other. All in all, great cases!

Amazon Customer says:

Good Show Off Case I received this free sample in exchange for my honest opinion.It is a well designed case. A little too slim to my liking but everyone has different tastes. It does a good job with showing off the phone and the drop test from hip to floor did well with the phone secured in the case unlike other clear slim cases that I’ve tried.Getting the phone out is not as big of a hassle as other bulkier cases as it is flexible but still has a good seal around the phone. The volume and power button coverings have a nice feel to them and dont stick out as much as other cases. It is also port plug friendly as I have port plugs for my iPhone 6 on with the case on.All in all, it is a good case to have for the aspect of showing the phone off and having protection for your phone. Though I will say have tempered glass over the screen just in case because you never know what could happen.

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