App controlled lights! Smart Home Tech | Lumenplay App-Enabled Lights – (Video Reviewed By iJustine)

Click To Get These Lumenplay App-Enabled Lights! Read The Video Transcript Of iJustine’s Voice As Interpreted By YouTube: 0:00 hey guys happy tech Tuesday this is actually review that I meant to do 0:02 around Christmastime because these are sort of Christmas e-type lights but 0:07 obviously I didn’t do it but I still

Click To Get These Lumenplay App-Enabled Lights!

Read The Video Transcript Of iJustine’s Voice As Interpreted By YouTube:

hey guys happy tech Tuesday this is actually review that I meant to do
around Christmastime because these are sort of Christmas e-type lights but
obviously I didn’t do it but I still got the lights and i wanted to show to you
and I want to see what you guys think these are called lumen play have enabled
lights and there’s also a little something up here that says a bluetooth
so I’m excited to see if this is actually bluetooth controlled if it uses
Wi-Fi and we’re going to find out right here and you’re gonna watch me figure
out this is the starter pack which has the controller in it and this is the
extender strings so you can extend the starter pack into a few more like 40
feet and another 12 feet
let’s open where’s my knife
we’ve got just a little baby not today for opening so if you’re new here you
probably haven’t seen we talked about it yet but I’m a huge fan of the hue light
bulbs i have them all around my house and those are Wi-Fi enabled and then
reaches a single little ball but you can pop into your already existing light
it’s all connected on Wi-Fi you can use an app you can change the colors on your
computer but in plan on taking this back
you better not suck I’m gonna be real hit
actually I’ve ever heard of a company missed it but they just came out with a
light bulb also that connects to Wi-Fi misfit is also a company that creates
fitness trackers and i’m a huge fan of those 2 i’m excited to check out the
stuff that they’re working on in the lighting space so as a little see as we
open this box up these are really big these look like to Christmas lights
my parents had when i was first born I was a fetus and these are life
these are fetus lights this is what I remember christmas lights look like when
i was a child
this is really festive I’m i have the holiday season is over
you really miss the bull ship has sailed taken off without me i’m at the shore
I’m sitting there at the dock
crying with my Christmas lights I always loved how the beauty girls have really
cute little twinkle lights behind them
I’m going to have behind me a Christmas
freaking parade this is real thick have a holly jolly Christmas
first impressions are like what well that is to say there’s something missing
ok so looks like you just stick you in here for indoor and outdoor use
oh I just really thought that just turn the page in my google plus it
ok so it’s just plug in your lights
download the free lumen app and have fun that’s like three simple steps so
so we’re doing a firmware update understood understood
so we’re updating now let it go let it go
s office he frozen yet this is great it says right here that you could hang it
for any occasion
weddings Christmas fireworks birthdays wine drinking party
football horse racing BBQ and I want you to miss out on anything
ok holy moly i have a Christmas Ceri
ok now we’ve got to figure it out we can just change colors like this is it this
is so freaking cool you would have a party i have to have a party now I’m
going to need to have a party look at this so you just you just pick you get
off this is freaking great
okay I’m gonna change my colors let me just scroll through and you can just
pick the colors and it changes the colors
what them what them off i freakin love everything a single fade a nice single
ok let’s go back we’re gonna change the colors again this looks nice and nice
festive something
so these are the lumen lumen play initial thought is holy crap this was so
easy to set up a lot of the Wi-Fi enabled lights it is a little bit more
of a process because you have to connect a little mini router to your actual
router and you have to do a little bit of setup
there’s absolutely zero zero set up
i mean i plug them in connected my phone bluetooth
download the app and that was essentially it and here we are having a
party and so turned up right now that that’s my review and
i’m actually going to keep the extenders – I’m going to have a wine and horse
racing party and I’m going to use these lights
see you guys later happy Tuesday

Bring your lights to life with Lumenplay app-enabled lights.

Lumenplay enables smart control of lighting combining interactive, wireless control, mobile gaming and social sharing to add fun and excitement to a home, commercial or retail space.

Brought to you by S4 Lights, a leader in premier, innovative LED lighting solutions, Lumenplay offers customization and fun, backed by premium quality.

Using a simple, sleek app interface, you can customize colors, effects and visualize music. See your home, commercial or retail outlet in a whole new light by transforming the ambience – all from a smart device.

The Lumenplay LED Classic C9 Starter Light string (12L) comes with a Lumenplay controller that wirelessly talks to a smart device.

Download the free Lumenplay app and you’re ready to play.

Using Bluetooth Smart technology, Lumenplay offers simple, one-touch connections.

A string of 12 RGB LEDs is included and features the classic C9 bulb design.

Add Extender Strings (sold separately) for larger designs and play with up to 500 lights.

The Lumenplay app is free to download, control and play.

Once inside, the opportunities are endless:

Color + Effects Create unique designs through color.

Choose from over 16 million colors and save them for later in the custom color palette.

Put your color palette in motion with a carousel of effects.

Once you’ve found the perfect effect, speed it up, slow it down or change the direction.

Love your custom scene? Save it, name it and share it with friends!Music Lumenplay doesn’t pre-bag a few songs, instead you choose from your music, set it to the colors you choose and a custom light show is created.

Control The Lumenplay collection of starter and extender sets are designed to work together: daisy chain extenders onto a starter, or create multiple objects using multiple starters.

It’s easy to add more light sets at any time and control them all individually or simultaneously.

Product Features

  • 12 C9 bulbs (RGB LEDs) on green wire
  • Controller with 24″ lead
  • End-to-end connection (up to 500 lights)
  • 12″ bulb spacing, 6″ tail
  • 120V standard plug; CSA-US certified Indoor/outdoor
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Andy says:

Great potential, but……. Over the years I have bought many different strands of lights that have had anywhere from 10 to 20 pre-programmed effects. Out of all those effects I usually found one that was ok. I always thought it would be cool to be able to program your own, or customize the pre-programmed ones, so when I first saw these lights I knew I had to get them. I was very tempted to buy the starter pack and several extender sets but after doing a bit of research I found the company that makes these doesn’t have a lot of info on their homepage about them, so I figured I’d just try the starter pack first. I’m glad I did. I’ve been messing with them for a little over a day now and have found 2 MAJOR flaws. The first flaw is hard to overlook in my opinion: these lights do not save your program, so you cannot put these on a timer. Supposedly, you’re able to shut them off in the app, but that option doesn’t seem to be available on the android app, nor would I want to have to turn them off and on that way…

Super Affiliate says:

Was able to wrap the top part of the tree .. actually a twig. I love the lights. I was able to wrap the 12 bulbs at the very top of the tree. That is all I can afford right now.Each year – I plan to add more and more.At $8 a bulb, it’s going to take about 30 years to fill up a whole tree, but man, just think what it’s going to look in 30 years.Amazing – that’s what!

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