Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus Unboxing and Video Review By iJustine

Read The Video Transcript Of iJustine’s Voice As Interpreted By YouTube: 0:00hey guys how’s it going so today we’re going to be unboxing the pokemon gold 0:03plus now i’m pretty excited about this 0:05I was a lot more excited about this until the apple keynote and they 0:09announced that there will be a companion app

Read The Video Transcript Of iJustine’s Voice As Interpreted By YouTube:

0:00hey guys how’s it going so today we’re going to be unboxing the pokemon gold
0:03plus now i’m pretty excited about this
0:05I was a lot more excited about this until the apple keynote and they
0:09announced that there will be a companion app for the Apple watch for pokemon
0:12goplus and there will be so many more features in that then this can ever
0:16really handle although I have absolutely no idea what this is gonna be like
0:19because i haven’t tried it i’ve only read a few reviews and I don’t like to
0:22take the reviews for face value but sometimes they’re usually true either
0:27way I’ve been having so much fun playing pokemon go with my friends I don’t play
0:31as much as i did before but I’m patiently not patiently waiting for some
0:36new Pokemon to be out so that i can try to catch them all-i someone caught all
0:40of us ones but I don’t know it’s a struggle out there guys
0:44it’s a real struggle let’s open up this and see what we see with God don’t cut
0:49towards yourself have to tell myself that every time I pick up a knife
0:53I feel like a lot of people end up getting this who don’t have an Apple
0:57watch or who are on android phones first things first we’ve got direction i need
1:07a screwdriver you can wear it on your pocket you can wear on your belt you can
1:14wear it as a watch
1:15i’m going to set these directions of sides that feeling I might actually need
1:18those who so we’ve got the wristband option and we’ve got the little i’m not
1:30sure what they’re calling it i’m going to call it a nugget we’ve got a little
1:33nugget right here
1:38looks good looks like the battery is already installed remove and discard
1:42before use
1:45here’s our band so sue me he just pops right in there also here’s what you do
1:53you take off his back screw and then you screw it to this I feel like that would
2:01have been easier maybe it’s childproof we have like a first step with our first
2:07step open the configuration screen for pokemon going your smart device here it
2:11look we’re gonna pair pair my device
2:17no kidding to mark all right now get out of here
2:21it’s asking about a bear yes i do gotta just vibrated holy moly when I pokemon
2:28is hereby the device vibrates and blinks green light for pokemon you’ve caught
2:32young light for pokemon you haven’t pressed the button to try to catch it
2:35after you press the button you’ll see multicolored lights for success red
2:38light for pokemon that have run away and when your range of a pokey stop device
2:41vibrates and the light least blue is the button to search focus up for items the
2:45light will blink multicolor for success and shine read out of range
2:49alright it’s paired so everything is awesome now
2:53ok so
2:57now what I’m gonna drop some incense and hopefully that lure up okay
3:05huh ok it’s flashing blue so did I get him
3:13well I guess that’s it this is the pokemon go plus there’s really not much
3:16that I can do because there’s zero pokemon around here there’s no key stops
3:20I basically i’m going to need to go out into the wild and try it out for now I’m
3:27going to leave you guys with a really fun pokemon hunt that i did not too long
3:30I’ve been meaning to post this blog for a while but I hadn’t had a chance to
3:33edit yet so I thought hey what a really great way to end a Pokemon go plus
3:38unboxing then post pokemon go hunting video where i’m not even using the
3:42pokemon goplus but I will and I will follow up with any additional thoughts
3:46on how it works
3:48I feel like it’s almost a little bit too simple for things to really go well
3:51we’ll see hopefully the apple watch version will be out soon so i look
3:55forward to showing you guys that and yeah so here’s some fun probably hunting
4:00hey guys guess what we’re doing today let me give you one hint so we just got
4:05a mad like what two weeks to get through that last week last week
4:09oh my goodness so everyone was very impressed with your pokedex so we’re
4:15like man before you move we gotta go hunting first thing what are you trying
4:18to catch
4:20most elaborate cover i already have one
4:24I mean I’m trying to catch them all as I don’t know loling you guys but I don’t
4:28even know I me see what do we let me let me take a little peek
4:36I honestly do just 12 hours alright so we need to go we need to go the hardest
4:39yes so there’s a ton of tormenters put back at the pier
4:43yeah we’re going to like hotdogs mistake like that area squirrels and stuff on
4:47over here a lot
4:48there’s a few spun on Broadway app called Go Go radar
4:53yeah yeah that’s like golden nugget just asked it work again because for awhile
4:57today it’s back up i might need to redownload the Sun at least hope for
5:04people that don’t play the game anymore that’s not my problem that’s your
5:07problem i say i didn’t you think people still play that said you’re hiding
5:13I don’t late as much as i did before because you know things have changed the
5:16game it’s so much harder to actually trap booking on really really or
5:21anything else like we did we did nothing nothing else got accomplished
5:25they look like they look like they’re hunting so there’s something that we
5:28need to go with this smoky because you need to hold on a minute but I’m like
5:34good-looking ropes are you saying about that doesn’t pokemon perfect what yes
5:38so there’s pokemon percentage of perfect they’re called ivy their individual
5:42values so each Pokemon has a stat of attack defense stamina
5:47however the game is this show is this stuff hypothetically what would happen
5:50is depending upon when you catch if it’s a certain percentage to its perfect
5:55it would mean if its tail’s 100-percent perfect you can go to its max EP of its
5:59of its level so basically what you’re saying is I’ve been playing the game
6:02completely wrong so I just go the ICP and I’m like cool the ball that wrong
6:06that’s wrong
6:07god I’ve wasted so many but we talked about all know everything I know is a
6:13alright so here’s my here’s my fish ok Michael thing so hit that little serious
6:17as a praise but they don’t say like exactly what the percentage are but each
6:22certain phrase that they say will give you like an estimate of where kind of
6:26wait a minute so overall and building a strong Pokemon you should be proud
6:30so I believe it’s anywhere between like 60 and 80 so it’s an ok
6:35pokemon hmm so why am I always start with the biggest she’s ever seen I think
6:39she’s lying to me yeah she’s a little everyone hope ya what he does
6:44are you I’m valor to get what you got a good everything up around a latch
6:50actually so it was the other fish that I was trying to catch the Magikarp I i
6:54still need I needed me my gosh you’re like me and you because you have to
6:59catch a hundred and one of them
7:01to involvement so i have a hundred and fifty-five candy routine value have one
7:08you want is where it is overall your Pokemon simply amazes me that means that
7:11you know from 81 percents to a hundred percent so you wanted to say that i will
7:16praise my Magikarp appraised hate esteem
7:20let’s take a look at your magic college that we strong you should be proud
7:24HP strongest feature full impressed with this attack
7:27it’s got excellent at how exciting what’s wrong good fist insult your
7:32action is so tiny
7:33ok work we’re hatching them i just have to Magikarp so we’re trying to hunt
7:40oh my god she just popped up he just bought them could you hold this room
7:42really sorry dad
7:43oh gosh openwell boy he’s keep sweating my balls
7:48yes sir i braised it
7:51yes ok my dugong poker with funny this is so exciting what a great
8:05like I worse in the
8:14we’re now moving on we all kind of dude dong good to come
8:20honestly dad was just talking about how you before the age of help and she
8:24didn’t know anything about pokemon I’m sorry you know I just started playing
8:29and I think it’s really fun and I think one pokemon sun moves out enough to be
8:32my first kind of like taste of the real pokemon game you’ve got a good idea
8:36yeah i’m so excited about that you have a squirrel ok I think I do we maybe i
8:41don’t i don’t think i have a squirrel
8:43we’re gonna find out i don’t think i do have been trying to catch re oh thank
8:51you for your squirtle may not be great in battle but I still like it its
8:56defenses its strongest feature it’s a syndicated in battle
9:00it’ll get the job done like hope I was able to help take care and I finally got
9:05some shade so I want you guys to check out all of your amazing i mean basically
9:09have everything
9:10um yeah I mean kinda so this is my pokedex 241 and the one that I need
9:18right now is mark
9:20I can’t find any drivers anywhere and the other ones like a three i believe is
9:25far-fetched one of these two are kangaskhan and mr. mime and then do stem
9:31on the game so does anyone for the u.s. pokedex with your highest it’s one of my
9:37dragon eyes 2364 one of them
9:41yeah I caught I caught three of them here and then i evolved to live one day
9:46guys one day of the fire wonder when i get my fundamental plus all that’s where
9:50the little dropping wherever I don’t know which have this crazy thought and
9:55it was really scary if I dropped my camera in here what would I do what I
10:00jump in to get it but then I realized I can’t swim and if i were to jump into
10:04your far far no I know and then I thought well if I did jump in and I
10:09couldn’t actually the camera then i have to swim to find someone to save myself
10:12and I don’t know where I don’t know the drowsy is a an anteater whose
10:19chocolate-dipped that’s what he is
10:21chocolate-dipped anteater guys there is a gas leak gastly spotted alright guys
10:25so that was our fun little peer pokey hunting i’m quite a lovely time I got
10:29two things today when I got a squirrel didn’t have any a new go do what you got
10:34to say dude on I told remember whenever I called before but I’ve probably seen
10:38him appear before we first came down here because i used to see people
10:41walking and like my look their blogging and like wait so my there’s a high
10:44probability yeah driving her off so much too much so much fun
10:49well thank you so much for having me
10:50yeah thanks for having me because we go check out youtube app tech absolutely
10:56yeah it’s yeah exactly no I went a lot of your videos like this is great my
11:01best friends like he always positive
11:02aptech aptech like shut up i was gonna be that he’s moving to Australia so you
11:09can get the Australian come on that’s what you’re having
11:12truthfully it is yeah I knew the game was coming out a year ago and I was like
11:15I bring going Australia thank you so much for watching let me know what your
11:20highest pokemon is in your deck
11:23I don’t even know you were telling about the ideas and stuff and it’s just it’s a
11:27lot a lot so I think it later
11:30it’s a beautiful jet-black 256 gig iphone i am already smudging this up and
11:40I’m not even touching the actual phone yet you guys can see that but I haven’t
11:46even taken off the safety paper yet safety paper that’s what we’re going to
11:50call it

Product Description

The Pokemon GO Plus accessory can be used with any compatible smart phone that has the Pokemon GO application installed.

After the Pokemon GO Plus is paired via Bluetooth LE and a brief setup process is completed, players can encounter and catch Pokemon like never before.

When the smart phone with Pokemon GO and the paired Pokemon GO Plus accessory are within range of each other, both will begin to vibrate when a Pokemon is close by.

With the convenience of not having to look at your smart phone, simply press the button on the Pokemon GO Plus to attempt to catch a Pokemon while you are out and about, getting exercise!

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